“A common impression is that most people taking anticoagulation therapy are elderly and retired and have time on their hands. I am twenty-seven, work and lead an active life. I cannot do this if I have to travel to the doctor’s surgery, which takes several hours on each occasion.” (Galway)

“I have a six month old baby on warfarin. Being able to use the self testing equipment at home saves me a 70-mile round trip every week and makes my baby’s life happier by not having needles stuck in her arm.” (Cork)

“Self-testing has given me my life back. I now feel that I am controlling my warfarin rather than it controlling me.” (England)

our challenge

More than 6MM patients in Europe are on long-term anticoagulation therapy. Only a small portion of that population has been able to access the benefits of self-monitoring, due to failed training, comfort with independence, and fear of complications.

In Germany, over 70,000 patients on Warfarin therapy are already monitoring their coagulation at home. While this is a vast improvement over in-clinic testing, it still leaves an average of 21,000 patients at risk of complications related to out of range coagulation. This is compounded by the fact that the number of self-testing patients still remains quite low, at only 20% of the Warfarin patient community.

our solution

The My Hema Health application can be accessed via mobile and web.

Our technology leverages an intelligent algorithm to calculate stable long-term medication dosing and uses encrypted messaging to streamline patient/physician communication.

what can we accomplish?

Studies have shown that computer-assisted dosing shortens the time required to achieve stable therapeutic dosage, significantly reduces over-coagulation and improves in-range dosing by over 50%.

Our goal is to eliminate complications due to out-of-range doses.

Who will use it?

Whether patients are self-dosing, going to a coagulation clinic, or physician dosing, My Hema Health can help.

My Hema Health is patient-centered. Our technology is focused on keeping patients in close contact with physicians to quickly alert hospitals of potential emergencies, before they become realities. Our computer-assisted dosing helps patients achieve stable therapeutic doses. Patients save time, money, and improve health outcomes.

Doctors and hospitals have a vested interest in keeping patients in the home. Self-testing alone has saved hospitals an estimated €66,000 per 1,000 patients. We can save them even more by promoting self-monitoring, and preventing medical emergencies and readmission.

How it works

Product Roadmap

Future Applications

We believe in reducing the complications associated with long-term medication dosing. This is applicable beyond coagulation. After our proof-of-concept in coagulation, we plan to expand to diabetes, dialysis, and pregnancy management.

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